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Entry #3

Poopbrown...Sounds epic to me!

2011-07-18 22:43:22 by ChrisThePaladin1993

Whooo yeah! In a second flash! This time, it's EASTBEAST's new flash, Pokemon PoopBrown Come check it out!


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2011-07-19 12:36:46

Sorry to surprise you without a message before hand, but yeah you did a great job as the main character! I'll look forward to possible sequels, with improving standards, although I wouldn't change our first project together for the world. :)

ChrisThePaladin1993 responds:

It was the best surprise ever though! Thanks again, and I can't wait to work with you in the future!


2011-07-21 21:50:43

hopefully we will be doing a lot of work together in the future man! I don't know when the sequels coming, esty is talking about a LOT of other animations but I hope to reccomend you for what i can. by the way can you make a voice acting demo real so i can try to get your name out there? don't bother responding to this but if you have anything you want me to know or just any questions just pm me